IYC News And Updates

IYC leadership has organised the Arab Youth Meeting at COP28 with representatives from Arab countries.

The Arab Youth Meeting of the COP28 was a remarkable gathering, full of excitement and enthusiasm.

Representatives from several Arab countries gathered under the leadership of Mr. Tareq Hassan to discuss crucial issues that involved both the conference and Arab youth in general. It was encouraging, as the Arab region’s dedication towards progress and development was strongly evident.

The agenda was well organized, with tasks allocated in a way that facilitated collaboration and teamwork. Participants engaged in meaningful discussion and shared their opinions and experiences. Daily meetings are scheduled to be conducted from 3:00 PM until the end of the conference days to promote further collaboration and continuous learning.

The Arab youth were able to enhance their unity and collective strength in accomplishing common goals through this meeting, which facilitated close collaboration and coordination. The Arab region can achieve remarkable development and progress by fostering a collaborative culture. This meeting informed the Arab youth about the significance of working together and encouraged them to collaborate and share ideas and experiences to create a positive impact on their communities.

Participants were reminded that by staying united and motivated, they can achieve their goals and, most importantly, create a better world for everyone.